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TeunisDoor: Teunis (89 Berichten)

Founder. Father. Fascinating. started in the year 2000 when Eef (Antikal) quit as a reviewer for the (now no longer active) Rock-E-Zine. Rock-E-Zine focused more and more on Death/Grind/Stoner and other (very) Heavy Metal and less and less time and attention was invested in the more melodic music that Eef preferred.

So Eef decided to start a new website focusing on well and lesser known melodic rock and other ‘lighter’ rock genres. Tony (Teunis) joined him for a while, mainly focusing on the lay-out and technical aspects but soon left to focus on other projects.

Eef ran mostly on his own, sometimes joined by guest reviewers and eventually quit due to limited time. He couldn’t give all the submitted material the deserved attention and was unhappy with having to do a bodge-job. The review archive has been available for a while until Tony asked to breathe new life into Rocknet and asked to use the domain name for an entirely new website. Eef agreed and ever since has been contributing to the new website.

Rocknet in it’s new shape and form is a community of friends and visitors (mostly musicians) who like to swap links and videos of interesting bands, musicians and musical influences.

If you want to contribute: please subscribe and start posting right away! New members are always welcome.

Starting March 7th 2011 we decided to switch the website to English, so if you join and decide to post; please do so in English. The earlier Dutch entries will stay available of course.

Rock on!