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Jonny Lang - Long Time Coming (AOL Sessions)

TeunisDoor: Teunis | 86 Posts

Founder of Father of 2. Musician (singer, piano player and guitarist) Favorite genres: Rock, Singer-Songwriter.

Jonny Lang (1981) started playing blues/gospel on the guitar at age 12. Three years later he signed a contract at A&M Records. “Wander This World”, to the eponymous album (1998), is my absolute favourite:

For this album he received a Grammy Award. Tonight, while rummaging Youtube, I discovered “Long Time Coming, also from the AOL Sessions. His voice is simply… wow!

By the way… Jonny Lang toured with The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, B.B. King, Blues Traveler, Jeff Beck and Sting. So you know ;)

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Whatever happened to: Grant Lee Buffalo

KuubDoor: Kuub | 43 Posts

To contribute to the “Let’s get nostalgic” part, here is mine and let’s find out whatever happended to our childhood ‘heroes’!

Grant Lee Buffalo was a rock band based in Los Angeles, California, consisting of Grant-Lee Phillips (vocals and guitar), Paul Kimble (bass) and Joey Peters (drums) best known for the mesmerizing song:

Fuzzy (@Bitterzoet, Amsterdam)

And one of my favorites from the same album:
The Hook (@Bitterzoet, Amsterdam)

As you can see in the above youtube clip Grant Lee Philips, former lead singer of the band, has been in Amsterdam last year and I missed it!! Damn me!! He still has a great voice in my opinion.

Do you have a “Whatever happened to…..?” Please, share it with us!

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Van Halen - Right Now

KuubDoor: Kuub | 43 Posts

Right Here & Right Now, Rocknet is going English!

My thoughts were going to the the above mentioned song from Van Halen.
I have never been that lucky to see them live, but hopefully it will happen one day in the future when they will be reunited!?

According to a previous press release from Warner/Chappell Music from August 2010 a new album will come out this year. On January 17, 2011, producer John Shanks posted a tweet on his twitteracount stating that he was in the studio with the band.
Fingers crossed!

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Whatever happened to: Feargle Sharkey

TeunisDoor: Teunis | 86 Posts

Founder of Father of 2. Musician (singer, piano player and guitarist) Favorite genres: Rock, Singer-Songwriter.

Let’s get nostalgic and start the new category “Whatever happened to…” Let’s find out whatever happended to our childhood ‘heroes’! Shall we?

Feargal Sharkey (Sean Feargal Sharkey, Derry, Northern Ireland, August 13th 1958) first founded fame as the lead vocalist of pop/punk band The Undertones (founded 1976), and was famous for the hit single “Teenage Kicks”. (Huh? In 1976 I was still attached to my umbilical!)

The band split in 1983 due to some musical differences, with Feargle Sharkey pursuing a solo career and the rest of the band forming “That Petrol Emotion” the following year.

“A Good Heart”, the song we all remember Sharkey by, went to #1 in several countries in ’85. Something most of you don’t know is: “A Good Heart” is actually a cover! 19-Year old Maria McKee wrote it back in ’83, and even performed (and flopped) it live:

Feargle Sharkey however, turned it into a hit single:

Back to: Whatever happened to:… In the early 90′s Sharkey moved into the business side of the music industry, as an A&R for Polydor Records. In October 2008, he became head of UK Music, an umbrella organisation representing the collective interests of the UK’s commercial music industry.

Feargle Sharkey nowadays:
Feargle Sharkey

Feargle Sharkey back in ’85:
Feargle Sharkey

Do you have a “Whatever happened to…..?” Please, share it with us!

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The Riverdogs - Shadow Of You

AntikalDoor: Antikal | 66 Posts

Je Eauma. Later meer :)

The Riverdogs released their first eponymous album in 1990. The album featured excellent songs but it wasn’t until I saw them live a couple of times and got me a copy of their stellar “Absolutely Live” album that I really started to dig this band. Especially the excellent songwriting and amazing voice of Singer / guitarist Rob Lamothe drew my attention. The song posted here is from their 1993 album “Bone’. By then, Vivian Campbell had left to join Def Leppard and the band consisted of Rob Lamothe, Nick Brophy (Guitar), Cary Beare (Bass) and drummer Ronnie Ciago. Unfortunately there have been no Riverdogs releases since though when I talked to Rob in 2009 they were actually working together again whenever they found the time to hook up. Fingers crossed!

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Radical Face - Welcome Home

KuubDoor: Kuub | 43 Posts

Het nummer van een van de grootste camera en lenzen fabrikant welke gebruikt is in een van hun commercials blijft me achtervolgen.
Nu maakt het de commercial wel helemaal af moet ik zeggen!! Pakkend en doeltreffend!

Wie heeft of had al eens gehoord van de Radical Face? Not me, maar dat zou dan ook wel aan mij liggen.

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James - Getting away with it (all messed up)

KuubDoor: Kuub | 43 Posts

Ik had nog nooit van de band James gehoord tot afgelopen zaterdag.
Deze is blijkbaar alweer van een aantal jaartjes geleden, welke ik toch pas afgelopen weekend te horen heb gekregen, niet meer wetende waar…..ik dacht bij de aftiteling in een film, maar goed. Hij blijft hangen…

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Billy Joel / Prelude / Angry Young Man

JannemanDoor: Janneman | 74 Posts

General music junkie. Started playing the guitar when I was 13. Tried a little bass and keyboard in between, but nowadays I spend most of my time behind the drums. I love everything between classical and heavy metal, as long as it surprises me.

Ik wil Antikal natuurlijk niet teleurstellen, dus ik blijf in zijn tijdperk, maar dan wel met een liedje dat ik persoonlijk bijzonder vind.

Ik had rond mijn 15e een videoband van dit concert. De pianopartij heeft me altijd zeer geboeid, en daarmee ben ik ook fan geworden van Billy Joel.

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Gary Moore - RIP

TeunisDoor: Teunis | 86 Posts

Founder of Father of 2. Musician (singer, piano player and guitarist) Favorite genres: Rock, Singer-Songwriter.

Afgelopen week is Gary Moore (1958) van ons heen gegaan. Gevonden in een Spaanse haciënda, zonder drugs of alcohol in zijn lijf; enigszins teleurstellend toch wel. (Je rockt of niet!) Als een rimpelige, vadsige gitarist heeft ie het leven gelaten, nummers achtergelaten als “Still Got The Blues” en “Pretty Woman”, waarvan de laatste steevast veel te snel werd ingezet tijdens live-concerten. Dus, in rap tempo:

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Mumford & Sons - I Gave You All / After The Storm

AntikalDoor: Antikal | 66 Posts

Je Eauma. Later meer :)

Het is alweer een flinke poos geleden dat een album me zo bij de kleauten heeft gegrepen als het werkelijk magistrale debuut van Mumford & Sons. Het album Sigh No More van deze Londenaren is zo goed dat ik het, sinds ik het een week of drie geleden ontdekte, dagelijks op zijn minst integraal draai. Het is ook ondoenlijk om een keus te maken uit de 12 stuk voor stuk schitterende nummers. Zo moeilijk dat ik jullie er twee aanbied. Het hitje Little Lion Man kennen jullie vermoedelijk al wel dus ik kies voor het mooi opgebouwde “I Gave You All” en de schitterende ballade “After The Storm”.

Mensen doe je zelf een lol en ga als de sodemieter dit album regelen. Echt.

I Gave You All:

After The Storm:

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