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Jessie J - Price Tag (Live Acoustic Music Video)

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Instead of messing the house up completely after inviting the whole family for Father’s Day, like we did for several years, in 2010 we’ve decided to keep it simple and start a new tradition.

My dad has a huge backyard and I came up with the idea to set up some tents in a circle. In the middle: a kick ass campfire. Around it: seats and guitar stands. Who were invited? Mom, dad, me, my kids, my sister with her husband and their 13-year old triplets (three girls!).

Unfortunately I was the only one playing the guitar and singing that night. (I have a 60′s ~ late 90′s reportoire, so it was obvious my nieces looked pretty bored for the first 2 hours and my sister, her husband and my parents (embarrassingly to my nieces) were singing along quite well.

I managed to figure out a few Adele songs on the spot, which made up a lot lol, but I knew, if we’d continue this tradition, I had to come up with a reportoire my nieces would like as well. Therefore, for the past few months, I’m creating a playlist just for the girls.

Today I’ve added the accoustic version of Price Tag by Jessie J, which I *know* they love (I have my sources lol). Maybe my nieces will like it as well! :D

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  1. Antikal Antikal says:

    Cute song. Surprisingly cute song. Sure hope that’s a wig she’s wearing though.

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