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Kaki King - Bone Chaos In The Castle (Live)

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Frequent visitors of know I’m an absolute tapping-addict. I love everything (so far) that comes out of the CandyRat Studios.

Tonight I typed in ‘rehearsal’ on YouTube and, besides some crappy misfits, several great rehearsals came up. One of them was Kaki King (1979). While going through the related videos, I came up with a great vid of her. King scored music for television and film, but isn’t ‘that known’ as a solo artist. Dispite that, she worked alongside Eddie Vedder and Michael Brook, contributing music for the soundtrack to Sean Penn’s Into the Wild (a must see!), for which King, Vedder and Brook were nominated for a Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score.

Enough said. This chick should hook up with Andy McKee and have freakin’ babies! :)

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