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Lillian Axe - The Day That I Met You

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Je Eauma. Later meer :)

Lillian Axe is een van de vele, vele bands die min of meer ten onder gingen toen alles ineens Grunge moest zijn. De melodieuze rock domineerde tot Pearl Jam, Nirvana en aanverwanten plotseling een andere muziek scene dicteerden. Melodieuze AOR bands werden en masse gedropt door hun labels en slechts weinig van de bands die daar de gevolgen van ondervonden overleefden die korte maar immens krachtige rage. Lillian Axe viel in 1995 uit elkaar, 2 jaar nadat ze het uitstekende album Psychoschophrenia uitbrachten. Op dat laatste album stond de prachtige ballad The Day That I Met You. Hoewel de band later weer bijeen kwam en albums uitbracht in 1999, 2007 en 2009 maakt helaas de krachtige zanger Ron Taylor geen deel meer uit van de line-up. Van het te gekke gitaarwerk van Steve Blaze kan nog wel genoten worden maar…. things are just not the same met nieuwe zanger Derrick LeFevre… :(

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  1. Antikal Antikal says:

    Hopla. En wat viel er vanmorgen in mijn mailbox…?

    Love & War Records and Lillian Axe welcome Ronny Munroe as the new voice of Lillian Axe. As of August 1, 2010, Ronny Munroe, formerly the lead vocalist of Metal Church, will join Lillian Axe as a fulltime member replacing departing vocalist Derrick LeFevre as lead vocalist of Lillian Axe.

    The members of Lillian Axe wish Derrick LeFevre nothing but the best of luck in his future endeavors. Unfortunately Derrick could not commit to the rigorous touring schedule that Lillian Axe prides itself on to this day.

    When Ronny Munroe takes the stage, he has the crowd’s attention. His unique vocal style sets him apart from other singers because he brings something extraordinary to every song. Ronny is an in-your-face performer, consummate professional, innovative lyricist and songwriter who fuses melody with hard hitting rock in a way that will take your breath away.

    Lillian Axe founder and guitarist, Steve Blaze says, “We met Ronny in Seattle playing a show together two years ago. My first impression was “damn he’s tall!” After watching him perform, I thought to myself how amazing a vocalist and presence he was. I always keep in the back of my mind great talents when I see them, and Ronny was one of those guys. During the 3 days we spent together in New Orleans rehearsing and getting to know each other, I was amazed how well he fit in as a human being as well as a band mate. The true talent is only half the game; the person is the other. Ronny has it all. Having Ronny as a writing partner and performing partner is something I am very much looking forward to!”

    Bassist Eric Morris agrees, “I am looking forward to what a vocalist like Ronny can bring to the table. I think he will add a whole new element and catapult our music into a brand new fan base as well as satisfy the die-hards.”

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